Back To School 2022-2023 the essentials

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As vacation comes to an end, students are excited about going back to school. College and university students (both freshmen and those in upper-years) are eager to make the transition for they will be meeting new friends, learning new disciplines and fitting into life in the campus.

Never a dull moment

College is much different from high school as classroom work is more relaxed and unconventional spending more time listening to instructor’s lectures and participating in more interactions. Part of college life is that that inspiration from that good-looking professor who reminds coeds of George Clooney and that statuesque & stunning literature prof who can give fashion models a fair competition!  With so much new things to learn and challenges to face, every day seems like an intellectual adventure.

More fun outside the classrooms

Campus life is enjoyable, fast and entertaining as fun activities are available for all. You can volunteer for a worthy cause; for instance, be part of a local animal shelters that almost always need volunteers or if you are a history enthusiast or a nature lover, you take opportunity to join fascinating historical projects of the National Park Services. There are many options to volunteer. Play the sports you excel or learn a new one and make new friends by joining social, political, or religious organizations. There are many student organizations to match any of your likes and hobbies.

 Catch a glimpse of campus lifestyle

For most graduates, their college days are the best days of their lives. Many lifelong friendships are forged during college. Extracurricular activities are a huge part of student life so you will find a wide variety of faculty and student led clubs. In a student’s life, sports culture plays a relevant role in student. While there are lots of competition and intense emotions involved, sports is a unifying factor bringing students together, on and off the field. Now the challenge is finding time to study!

Take a peek into a student’s back to school fashion wear 2018

*Bags – Sleek and sophisticated bag that is perfect for class and after-school affair and a classic satchel is for the perfect collegiate style.

*Jeans – A classic jeans-and-with cropped flare silhouette added for a vintage feel and an updated pair of jeans with cool patches.

*Boots – Tall zip-up boots and an ankle booties to wear all year long under sun, snow and rain. 

*Skirts- Trendy checkered denim skirt and an equally trendy pleated knit skirt.

*Coats – A utility embellished coat for transitional weather and quilted coat with high neck.

*Dress – A flirty dress with major embroidery & matching bag and an all-white dress to be paired with a denim jacket.

*Shirt – A denim shirt over a matching mini and finish with modern accessories.

Back-To-School Essentials for College-Bound Students

Have a fresh start in your college equipped with all the essentials to support your first year on campus.

  1. MacBook Air is a light weight machine packs with all the power an average college student needs to write papers, do research, and carry all over campus with minimal effort.
  2. Incase city collection backpack to protect your laptop for it has fleece-lined compartment for a laptop plus extra space for books, snacks, and the other things.
  3. Microsoft Office Suite is a staple suite of programs for your computer with essentials like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and more.
  4. Dorm essentials -There are a number of things that will help to make that tiny dorm room into a home.
  5. Classroom essentials – Students need classroom essentials as notebooks, writing tools, USB Drives and folders.

Welcome to your new life!

Now that everything is settled, it is time for you to take the leap to a new life in college.

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