Why a complete annual health checkup is important?

Why a complete annual health checkup is important?

Think of the way you treat your car; you get it tuned-up every year, don’t you? So, why don’t you treat yourself the same way? Well, we are talking about getting a complete body checkup once a year. An annual health checkup is also known as a periodic health check and it is exceptionally helpful to detect any potential diseases or the warning signs related to an impending disease well in advance.

We never know what sort of health conditions are developing inside our bodies. The good old saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. Identifying a potential disease as early as possible is important because it makes it easy to treat the condition effectively. Also, that will cut down a significant amount of expenses you would otherwise spend on costly surgeries and advanced treatments.

Benefits of your annual health checkup 

There are many advantages of a complete body health checkup. One of the most obvious and important benefits is that it makes it possible to prevent diseases. This is particularly true when it comes to individuals who face risk factors for different health conditions. a periodic health checkup will facilitate the early detection as well as the treatment of specific health problems. This becomes incredibly handy especially when it comes to cases of cancer.

Laboratory tests and the examinations that are performed during a health checkup might vary depending on factors like the respective individual’s age, gender, family history, and even lifestyle. Annual health checkups are a great way to establish and strengthen better patient-doctor relationships. 

What does a periodic health check contain?

It contains an overall physical examination, during which your eyes, teeth, etc. will be examined. On top of that, the functionality of your heart, lungs, liver, immune system, digestive system, and kidneys will be examined. Moreover, some special tests like cancer-specific tests and gynecological examinations can be included in an annual body checkup.

Generally, a body checkup will comprise pathology, imaging, lungs’ function test, and cardiac stress tests.

Mentioned below are the common investigations that are found in a periodic health check.

  • General Physical Examination
  • Laboratory investigations including the following
    • Complete Haemogram
    • Lipid Profile test
    • Liver Function Test
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Blood Sugar
    • Chest X-ray
    • ECG/Treadmill Test
    • Ultrasonography of the abdomen
    • Urine Routine Examination.

With all of those tests, your physician will be able to get a clear idea about the overall function of your body and its vital organs. If there are any developing conditions in your body, you will be informed along with the treatment options.

Undergoing the right kind of annual health checkup is inevitable for anyone who wishes to stay healthy and prevent serious illnesses. With such a test, you will be informed whether you need to make some changes to your lifestyle and diet as well. After all, getting a complete periodic health check done is important for you and your family members.

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