How as women do we manage the different milestones in our lives

How as women do we manage the different milestones in our lives

As women, our lives are more challenging than those of men, because we undergo a lot of physical and mental changes all through our lives. We are innocent kids playing around with our friends when we suddenly grow up to be teenagers, all of a sudden. It is not easy for us to pass through this teenage phase. We have to deal with menstruation issues, acne, mood swings, anxiety attacks, physical pain, changes in body parts, hormonal changes and other psychological changes during this stage.  However, since we are strong-willed, we pass through this stage successfully, thanks to the able support of our parents, family, and friends.

As we finish our teenage phase, we move into our 20s, which is when we start our career. We learn the concept of “survival of the fittest” in our corporate world. We strive to go the extra mile in our career so that we have the edge over our peers. When we have almost settled in our corporate lives and start dreaming about scaling bigger heights, it is time for us to get married. Yes, the society demands us to get married by our early 30s and have kids within a few years.

In the fight between striking a perfect balance between our personal and professional lives, it is sad to note that many women give up easily. However, it is also quite heartening to see this trend changing today.

The modern woman, with the help of her family’s support and technological advancements, is now able to strike a perfect work-life balance. This helps her to stay physically and mentally fit. Most of us are involved in some physical activity like walking, running, etc. every day.

We also meditate daily so that we reduce our stress levels and stay as healthy as possible.
Then, some women break the norm and get pregnant in their 50s! Yes, you heard that right! It wouldn’t have been possible many years ago, but today, thanks to medical advancements, women do deliver in their 50s as well.

You can spot many pregnant women in their 50s when you take a stroll along the parks of any part of United States today. The number is slowly increasing in the other parts of the world as well.

My neighbour, Meg, is 53 and she is currently pregnant with twins. She has three grown children and is a grandmother already, but that didn’t stop her from getting pregnant another time. She told me that while there are certain health risks involved (like strokes and gestational diabetes), her gynecologist told her that she was perfectly fit to carry twins as she was physically and mentally prepared for the same. Earlier, a woman would have been embarrassed to convey the news of her pregnancy to her already grown-up daughter.

However, today’s woman knows that she has nothing to feel guilty about and she is quite forthcoming for late pregnancy ideas. When a woman is financially independent, it gives her lot of freedom to try these unconventional norms, isn’t it?
The taboo regarding society is gone now. Women, who are physically and mentally fit and those who have their successful professional careers, are no more bothered about what the society thinks of them. They are not governed by anyone and feel free to live on their terms, because all they want is happiness and joy for their family.

When they have the support of their immediate family members, they get the herculean strength to achieve many things in life.

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