All major Events of English Literature and History

History changed from the classical age to the modern age. It passes through certain events and these events are known as ages or periods.

‘’ Literature makes history come to life. It may be the most accurate description of history, especially literature that was written in the period depicted in the story” (Amy Harmon)

History and Literature are essential parts of our life

Through history and literature, we can see the past and make our life easier. There are many phases in the History and development of English Literature.

The earliest phase of English literature is known as the Anglo- Saxon period and also known as the Old English Period. Angles and Saxons are known as the ancestors of the English people.  

Anglo-Saxons are brave, fearless, and courageous. Their literature is the same as their traits. They wrote long epic heroic poems most of their literature was lost but one of the most surviving poems is Beowulf and it is known as the National Epic of England.

The Anglo-Norman period started after the Battle of Hasting in 1066. William the Conqueror became the King of England. Old English poetry disappeared during this period; the French language became more popular after the Norman Conquest. 

Chaucer is the most highlighted poet of this period and known as the Father of English Poetry his most famous work is Canterbury Tales.

Renaissance came from Europe and spread all over the World. Renaissance means rebirth. The world was reborn in many ways like art, literature, science and new things were discovered. 

The renaissance period is also known as the Elizabethan period and also known as the Golden age of Literature. Queen Elizabeth, I became the Queen of England.

The Literature of the Eighteenth century was divided into the Classical age or Augustan age also known as the age of Reason. The Eighteenth Century in English literature is known as the Classical period. The earliest part of the eighth century is known as the Age of Pop due to Alexander Pope while the later half of this century was dominated by Samuel Johnson and known as the Age of Johnson.

The age of Revolution fits into the romantic age American Revolution in 1776 occurs at this period. Romantic poets like Wordsworth wrote about nature and beauty the most focused genre of writing his poems. In the Victorian period novels made rapid progress.

Literature tells the present about the past; it acts like a mirror in which we can see the past. Literary trends change from time to time and the world makes progress in every field of Life.

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