September 2022 Issue – Successful vision

September 2022 Issue - Successful vision

Successful vision of life plays an important role in realizing your goals and achieving your ambitions. Einsten envisioned his Theory of relativity and it was verified. Albert Einstein’s vision led to remarkable discoveries that shaped modern science. Steve Jobs’ vision was to have a computer in every home now there are more than 126.22 million households in the United States with computers.

The fruits of successful vision

Envision something you have always wanted and don’t hesitate to accomplish your task in no time. You can raise a wonderful family! Finish your education in your senior years! Be a millionaire! Start your own business! You can even become the President of the country! Whatever it is, you can accomplish and achieved if by first envisioning your dream to be real.

Bullying culture

Research shows that many people experience workplace bullying. Based on researches, two of every five people working have been bullied at workplace. Almost half of them suffered stress-related health problems. Forms of bullying can be physical abuse, emotional, psychological, verbal or done online. High-stress situations like these have negative repercussions on the victim’s physical health, mental health, and relationships. Bullying is a stumble block to future employment opportunities and successful visions; therefore, it must be stopped.

Strategies to get rid of bullies in the workplace

  1. Companies must acknowledge that workplace bullying is an issue for companies and happens within the organization.
  2. A clear anti-bullying policy must be in place so employees of all levels are aware of and the company’s stance on bullying and commitment to preventing it.
  3. Educate and train employees on the nature of workplace bullying and how to recognize it – whether as a victim, bully, witness or observer.
  4. Set up a framework that employees at any level can use to report bullying in terms of a chain of command and how to deal with it among the levels..
  5. Establish an open-door policy that encourages employees to speak up in a safe, supportive environment without judgment or penalty.
  6. Take all allegations of bullying seriously, and do not attempt to justify or downplay reports or complaints..
  7. Have a plan and framework to follow for reported or witnessed bullying incidents, including a database to log and record complaints and a policy.
  8. Ensure that the company acknowledges and deals with workplace bullying if and when it arises as well as protect the company against potentially costly litigation.

Value of time

Successful vision is a failure when people who do not value time and are always late. The following strategies will help get the right things done in less time.

  1. Start your day with a clear focus by determining what plans you want to do this day and what you hope to accomplish.
  2. Having a dynamic task list to capture the tasks and activities you must do on a list and update it regularly during the day.
  3. Minimizing interruptions by strict discipline to always finish your tasks.
  4. Stopping procrastinating and stay focused on important tasks by completing complex tasks early in the day.
  5. Limiting multi-tasking by planning the day in different shifts and scheduling time aside for other activities like conferences & meetings, calling back a client and writing detailed plan at your desk.
  6. Reviewing the task list in the morning before you start your work.

Everyone is free to have a vision for success and by eliminating the barriers that create constraints and stumblibg blocks against success..

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