The scary truth behind being a night owl person

The scary truth behind being a night owl person

You fall into the category of a night own person if you tend to stay up until late at night. Basically, night owls might find it pretty difficult to fall asleep during normal hours due to some reason or another. That said, if you have become a night owl person purposely, there is some scary news for you. Keep reading and know what sort of health risks you might have to face sooner or later.

  1. If you are a night owl person, you are vulnerable to high blood pressure

Many studies suggest that night owl (or evening persons) are more vulnerable to get high blood pressure than others. Those who stay up until late at night usually eat unhealthily, get inadequate physical exercise and possess various other bad habits that are linked to hypertension. More importantly, they experience a significant amount of stress that directly leads to hypertension.

  1. You are more likely to avoid your workouts

Those who categorize themselves are night owls tend to be deskbound people compared to early birds. So, they find it very difficult to engage in regular exercise schedules. Lack of physical exercise leads to enough and more health issues. Those who wake up late find it incredibly difficult to perform their physical exercises, even if they wish to live an active lifestyle. On the other hand, night owls who are usually lazy have a greater tendency to give up on their exercises completely.

  1. Late-night eating will result in weight gain

If you go to bed late, you have a greater inclination towards eating. Take a night owl who sleeps at 3.00 AM; he or she might munch on something around 10.30 pm or even at the midnight. Well, that will definitely disrupt the natural metabolism cycle of your body. Poor metabolism leads to various health issues and weight gain is one of them. On top of that, when you eat late at night, you are likely to prefer high-caloric food. Think of yourself; will you prefer a vegetable salad over a burger and fries at 11.00 pm?  

  1. You obviously don’t get enough sleep

Assume that you go to bed by 3.00 am. How practical it is to sleep for 8 hours and go to work by 9.00 AM? Well, night owls usually get about 4-6 hours of sleep and that’s well shorter than the required amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep will lead to a variety of health issues. That will confuse your entire system and metabolism.


  1. Night owls are prone to experience depression

Night owls usually experience depression. In fact, depression and late-night sleeping are interlinked strongly and both aspects can contribute to each other. Also, night owls show significant mood swings compared to a normal person who sleeps at regular hours. Depression and mood swings are not good at all.

On top of that, night owls tend to perform poorly in their studies because their ability to focus is remarkably low. This is particularly true when it comes to teenage students. So, if you are a night owl person, it’s time to rethink your lifestyle and do the necessary changes for the sake of your wellbeing.

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