Great future of technology

The effect of technology on humans and great future of technology

Greek terms “techne” and “logos” are the source of the English word “technology.” Techne is the Greek term for art, craft, and logos are the Greek word for a word, speech, or expression that conveys an inner notion. So, the ability to communicate an idea to achieve a goal is referred to as technology.

However, in modern times, the term “technology” refers mostly to the application of knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and organizational approaches to problem-solving.

The human species can now regulate and adapt to their natural surroundings because of technological innovation.

‘Today is the age of technology’

In the last 2 decades, we have witnessed a drastic change in technology. Technology underwent several innovations and developments that significantly impacted our lives in various ways.

Positive effects of technology:

  • The development of technology has improved our quality of life and made it more pleasant and easy.
  • It has improved the quality and efficiency of work by reducing the time and effort needed to execute a task. Our lives have benefited much from technology, which has integrated itself into them.
  • These days, we can contact citizens of any city or nation. Because we can reach someone with only a click, communication has gotten a lot quicker and simpler. Technology has been a key component of education, particularly during the COVID-19breakdown period.
  • Students and professors from all around the world can now participate in virtual and online classes to exchange information, concepts, and resources.
  • Furthermore, with the advent of digitalization, graphics, 3D animation, and diagrams, technology has made it smoother for students to grasp difficult ideas.
  • Technological advancement is thought to be responsible for much advancement in the medical and healthcare sector. Modern equipment has enabled surgeons to complete procedures.
  • The average individual now lives longer because of technology. There are many more fields where technology is benefiting and assisting us, including finance, automation, the motor industry, and numerous others.

As a result, technology is immensely important to people’s life. 

Downsides of technology:

Although technology has significant benefits, there are downsides as well.

  • Many people’s jobs have been replaced by robots and computers.
  • Technology has socially isolated people rather than bringing them together.
  • Nowadays, instead of connecting with others, people spend the majority of their time on computers or smart phones.
  • The use of technology in education has eroded students’ capacity for thought and analysis. Since they lack the aptitude and ability to think critically, it is similar to spoon-feeding students.
  • Technology has brought up the subject of online privacy. Therefore, one must use extreme caution when utilizing banking credentials to do online transactions.

Future of technology:

  • Technology predictions can offer us both fascinating and terrifying glimpses into the future of technology and science.
  • The things we value most will either be improved by technology or replaced by it. It should come as no surprise that the answer to our technical conundrum of what will be the next technological advance in the future is.
  • The major goals of technology in the past were to improve processing speed and memory capacity; however, in the future, it will be based on technologies like industrial robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

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